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Logical and Functional

For us its not about the money but rather adding value. Before we do any work an evaluation is made, the purpose of which is to establish the existence of a need for our services. 


The photo occurs in a broader scope than the snap of the camera. It starts with the first glance of attention.

Web Design

We have amazing taste, we will build you a custom website suited to your companies needs, and add web hosting for free!

Coporate Logo

We've all shun away from it at some point, but in the real world, the corporate world, your image makes a difference!

Dev House🤓

We have a team of capable software developers whom more than anything, love what they do. Our teams skill set goes far and wide including renowned and growing technologies.


Micro controllers


Do you want to become an expert web developer?

we are exploring… 

Blockchain and Decentralized Applications


 We have an exciting project underway. This is a Decentralized filing system that aims to change and transform the management and facilitation of files using Blockchain technology. 

Our proud Partners

e-Mfundi uses Education, Technology and Design to preparing individuals and organizations to be future fit so that they can not only be sustainable, but can thrive in an ever changing world.

They help us provide you with a think tank to create, sell and execute any future focused ideas. Through their Digital Studio we are able solve any digital brand need that you may have. 

Augmented Instinct Technologies

What we do today is through the help of Augmented Instinct Technologies. They combine digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to deliver disruptive digital solutions on a worldwide scale.